Neitco, LLC is a company dedicated to discovering new paths to prosperity for individuals, small businesses and the community. Please check out the following products and services and let us know how we can help you today.

The Neitco Family of Products and Services


A national reseller of permanently impregnated zinc anti-microbial fabric and manufactured products for the active-wear, home and health markets. Check out our website and buy online or watch for it to appear on the shelves of your favorite retailer.


Our web app that captures potential employee interest quickly and provides a quick pre-screening and meet & greets. Your hiring managers will know immediately when an applicant just texts job.

Next Era Technology

A provider of services helping small and mid-sized companies adopt the next era of IT using our Discovery-Design-Develop-Deliver method. We are process driven to make your business process driven.

The Print Shop

A recent addition is a well-equipped high-speed professional print shop housed at Pensacola Socialdesk in mid-town. In addition to meeting the needs of our family of brands, we offer affordable and high-quality work for others in the community.